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How do you find a worship leader?

For many years I have received calls from pastors and search committees asking for help in locating a worship leader that would fit their church.  My initial response is always: what kind of worship do you have and what do you see as the need of your church?  Amazingly, they most often did not know what they really wanted or needed. This is difficult because not truly knowing the church or their culture always hindered my response. Early in my ministry, I would simply give out the names of people that I knew that were looking for a new position.  It did not take long to see that this was a flawed method and several times it ended in a catastrophe. That caused me to mature as a leader and now I seldom recommend people unless I know the church and the candidate well.  Even then, I am always a little nervous about the recommendation because I simply do not have enough background to know if it will work out.


Recently, I talked with a friend, Stan Endicott, about a new method of helping churches. It is called Slingshot Group and it is a network of multi-generational, multi-denominational, multi-stylistic people with a strong desire to see the local church and its leaders thrive and move forward.

How this works is thorough and powerful.  They come together, using their different skills and connections to “aim” churches towards health and excellence. They do this by offering strategic staffing & coaching services to churches putting the right leaders in the right spot and providing a conduit for God to work. I love this because everything is done prayerfully and intentionally.

When they began, Slingshot was focused on providing services for worship and creative arts ministries. Recently, they have started to expand to other leadership roles that include children, youth, and executive pastors.

As of this week, I have become one of this team of wonderful people. I believe God wants me to help churches in this manner and I am excited to be involved as a consultant. If you are a church leader, you really need to check this out. Slingshot not only helps you to find staffing, it helps you to really know what type of ministry will be best for your congregation. Our heart is way bigger than being just a staffing company. In everything we do, we want to encourage you, stand alongside you, and resource you. We’re making our online community a place where leaders can exchange ideas, advice, and stories on all things church-leadership while getting coaching, encouragement, and feedback from our Slingshot team.

I would like to ask you all to see for yourself what Slingshot is all about. I really believe you will find this to be an extremely useful tool for your ministry.

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Heaven’s Greatest Worship Leaders

We all have this idea that a great worship leader is a person who leads others to worship God. Right? Usually the setting is on stage or some type of platform, with a guitar or piano and a choir and the audience is singing songs to God. Now, I love music and it is one of the most powerful and effective tools in reaching people but I think we’ve created this idea that a Worship Leader is the person who only has musical talents and gifts. What if Heaven’s greatest worship leaders had no musical gift at all? What if they never stood on the greatest stages or stood in front of the greatest audiences? What if it was the poor widow that gave all she had and taught us to give everything to God no matter how small and showed us by her example that it was a heart issue. What if it was the Samaritan woman who taught us that Jesus wanted us to worship him in Spirit and in Truth and showed us that by having an encounter with Jesus you wanted to tell the whole world! What if it was the thief on the cross who taught us that you didn’t have to be perfect and you could come to Jesus just as you are? What if it was the woman that broke the alabaster box at Jesus’ feet that represented her hopes and dreams?  She taught us what true surrender meant.
The truth is we inspire people to worship God with our lives and legacy. The songs and music are just an overflow of our relationship and daily devotion.
Lately, I have been challenged to re-think my role as a worship leader and make it more about inspiring people to worship God with my life, not just music and songs. So what will Heaven’s greatest worship leaders look like? Something to think about as we prepare our songs this week…

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