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When Do We Eat?

With 4 boys born into the Jones household, this is perhaps the number one question we have heard sounding in our home. Boys eat often and in huge quantities. With only one left at home now, we seem to hear it less – but it is still the question of the hour. The good thing is they want to eat and when they are hungry they will go to great trouble to get to food. Jonathan even drove our car to McDonald’s one time before he had a drivers license just to get a burger and fries.

I often wonder why we seem to lack having an appetite for God. Can you imagine only eating food once or twice a week? That is absurd. However, most Christians go to church once a week and that is all the spiritual food that they receive. No wonder the church seems to be suffering from spiritual malnutrition. When Jesus went to the wilderness at the beginning of His public ministry, He fasted and was very hungry. Satan approached Him and told Him to command the stones to become bread so that He could eat. Jesus replied, “man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.”

I am not suggesting that you stop eating (although at times I need to really slow that down) what I am saying is this: are you getting proper spiritual nutrition? Are you living a supernatural life of power and victory? Are you feasting on God’s word and spending time alone with Christ on a daily basis?

Seek the Lord today and His will be found!!!


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