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The Little Things

Have you ever noticed that it’s not always the grandest of gestures that make an impression in our lives and on our hearts?  The unexpected stuff that catches off guard and brings undeserved joy to our day is the best!

Over the years of working with teens, it’s been my practice to send each member of our youth choir a birthday card from all of their choir leaders on their special day.  I don’t know if it’s the fact that they receive “real” mail in the mail box, which is pretty rare for all of us these days, or the hand-written note I include, or just the fact that they feel thought of and celebrated, but the response always amazes me.

I have received emails, texts, phone calls and even thank you notes from students and parents alike…for a birthday card…crazy, right?  Such a small thing, but God has used it to touch the hearts of our kids.

Since our enrollment has exceeded over 200 at times, this practice is sometimes overwhelming in the midst of the dozens of other things on my “to do” list.  I admit, at times, I’ve considered giving up this custom to free my time for “more important” tasks.  Each time that thought has crossed my mind, the Lord quickly reminds me of the impact I’ve been shown that this has had, and possibly some I may never know.  To this day, it’s my weekly task to see that this happens, in obedience to His urging.  After all, really, what could be much more important than lovin’ on these kids?

So many little things, like learning and calling our students by name bless and build relationship.  After all, God knows our names.  Can’t we strive to do the same no matter how many there are?  Believe me it’s not easy, but it lights up their face, especially when you run into them outside the walls of the church.

Even now, God reminds me of some of the “little things” He’s done for me and how, only I, really, fully understand what it meant to me at that moment in time.  It can be unnoticed by others, but deeply profound to me.  God is so specific in speaking to our hearts, even in the most subtle of ways.

The Word says that we are to love our neighbor as ourselves.  I believe we can show love, change a heart, an attitude, a belief, heal a hurt, encourage, give worth…all by one small act of kindness.   Let’s all ask ourselves, “What’s my “little thing” today, and who might it touch?


Sherry Owen is the Founder & Director of Puresound, CBC’s high school (formerly 7th-12th grade) youth choir.


Generation Rising

The lyrics that have resounded in my head and heart over the past few months are from the popular song, “Hosanna.”  They are not just words I agree with, but have personally witnessed over the last 15+ years.  I see, have seen, and am seeing, “a generation, rising up to take their place.”


When God allows you to hang around a long time, you get a unique vantage point.  I’ve been fortunate to watch this “rising up” unfold from their pre-school and elementary school days, on through middle school, high school, and on into the world that is theirs.  They are boldly moving from this plot of ground onto college campuses, becoming Godly husbands and wives, worship leaders, missionaries,  teachers, leaders in their churches, communities, etc.  The good news…they are taking their faith with them.  They didn’t leave it on the steps of CBC…back in Kids Choir or in Puresound, on a stage, in a band or on a dance team.  They are packing it up and taking it with them.  They are investing in others what was invested in them.  It’s not their parent’s religion, it’s their own personal belief system they are embracing and walking out.  Impacting others!


As leaders, parents, volunteers, this should give us great encouragement and undeniable proof of the verse that says, “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”  Be encouraged.  Be excited.  Keep training up and investing.  As our mission statement says, “Keep reaching, teaching and helping in Jesus’ name.” They are singing their song of Jesus… and rising up!


Sherry Owen is the founding leader and director of Puresound youth choir at CBC.

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