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Does God Really Care About Me?

On a recent trip,  I was seated on a flight next to a young man that was coming to San Antonio for Basic Training at Lackland Air Force Base. He came from a broken home and was raised by a host of people, but his primary caregiver was an aunt. He was attacked about being in the military as being his only hope for a decent future. I listened and finally interjected God into our conversation. He had ben to church on few occasions but never had any real background spiritually. The conversation turned toward a personal relationship with Christ and then he asked the question. Does God really care about me? He was not trying to be confrontational; he was being honest. His perception of God was not evil…it was non-existent. This young man wanted God to care but he really did not feel that God would have the time or energy to get involved in the day-to-day workings of his life.

His question broke my heart, but I did take the time to share how God had taken me through many tough situations and that I was grateful to God for His love and personal care for me. I shared a few verses from the Bible and then asked him if he wanted to have a personal relationship with Christ…his response was positive but he felt he needed to know more before he could make a decision.

That conversation woke me up to the reality that most people that do not have a spiritual background or heritage have a hard time believing that God has the time or the ability to get involved on a personal level with each person. In reality, most all of us at times probably question how God can do this. My only answer to this comes from personal experience and from the Scripture…God says, “I will never leave you nor forsake you,” and in my life I can promise you that is the truth. Even when I have not been behaving in a Christian manner, He still never left me. When all others were gone, He was still with me. You can trust in this fact and when you are afraid or troubled, you can call on Him.

Yes, God does really care about YOU!!!!


keep you eyes right here.

I am so excited about 2011. I have no doubt God is going to move with great force and momentum and I can feel it around the office as we talk about our vision and dreams for this year. As eager as I am to get going with things, I am already finding myself tempted to fall into a trap.

I have found myself thinking about the things on my desk that I have no solutions for yet. Programs I’d like to improve, teams I’d like to take to the next level, lines of communication I need to work on. I was making dinner Monday night after the first day back at work and all I could do was obsess about what “needed to change” that I had immediate influence over.

You know that hand sign people make when they make a “V” with their fingers and point towards their eyes, and then they point it towards yours, most likely at a moment when you are freaking out or losing focus? And then they say something to the effect of, “I need you to keep your eyes right here.” Well God interrupted my obsessing by pulling that one on me. He thought it was funny, and I did too. But then He got serious.

He reminded me to keep my focus on Him and where He’s going instead of focusing on the things where I think I need Him the most. I love the picture of having my eyes locked on Jesus, but I had to think about what that “looked” like in a practical sense on a day to day basis. The answer seemed simple – make a conscious effort to stay in His presence, and stay connected to Him through His Word, prayer, and worship.

Being the cynic realist that I am, I wondered how staying in the presence of God was going to crank out the 5 set lists that I had to get done in the next few days. To which God humorously interrupted again and said, “you don’t get it. I need you to keep your eyes right here.” And that’s all He had to say. It finally clicked.

If I don’t seek Him first, everything is backwards. I work too hard and get myself into trouble where I end up asking for His help to sort things out. If I would start with running after Him in everything that I do, the rest seems to fall in line with His will, His way, and His timing. I don’t understand it either, but that’s the way it seems to work in the Kingdom of God. Grace always shows up when it comes to the little things. The more I can rest in that the more I can enjoy my grilled chicken with vegetables on Monday nights.

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