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What are you doing with everything God has given you?

Does this prayer seem familiar? Father, I pray that you would give me _______, and that you would give me_______, so I can do ______.
I know that God wants us to ask according to His will but there is also a very important principle that has everything to do with us receiving more. I recently asked myself this question: what am I doing with everything God has given me? I’d like to say that my answer was…everything I can. But the truth is that I can be doing more with what He has given me.

Take a look around and at all the things that God has given you. Are you using every single thing to the fullest? God wants us to be faithful with the small so he can give us more. We are blessed here at CBC with great resources.
It is very humbling and also very exciting to see everything we have to help make an impact in people’s lives. With it comes a great responsibility. My prayer is this…God help us use everything that you have given us the way you intended so that you can entrust us with more. Help us be the best stewards of the gifts that you have placed in us so that people in need can know your love.

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