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Who’s in charge here?

While catching a flight to Houston, I was amused by an overbearing passenger who was not getting her way. She shouted loud enough for all to hear: “who is in charge here?” I was not close enough to hear the response, but I am sure that this was not the way to get her desires met. She ended up stomping off angry and indignant over the situation.

As I sat there waiting, I began to reflect on the bad responses I have had to circumstances that were not in my control. When things did not go my way I often have acted out my frustration. When I did not get the proper results, I have many times turned to God and cried out “who is in charge here?” Most of the time I get no answer, just silence. You see that question has already been answered – God is in charge here. He does not always do the things we think that He should, nor does He change what the master plan is just to make us happy. God is not going to adjust the tough times so we can have an easy lifeā€¦God never promised easy; He promised fulfilling and abundant.

Being in charge is God’s job and He does all things well. Most of us want to have everything we wish for instantly. You see, God is not so interested in our comfort as He is in our character. Today instead of asking “who is in charge,” maybe we should ask “what should I learn from these events or circumstances?”

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