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Our Greatest Need and God’s Greatest Gift

John 3:16

Recently, I had the honor of leading worship at a church in California. The guest speaker was Allen Randolph. He spoke about John 3:16. He made the statement that we are all too familiar with this passage of scripture and sometimes we can overlook all that God is telling us in this simple verse that we’ve all memorized. He summarized his message with this powerful statement…

“Our greatest need is the desire to be loved unconditionally…God’s greatest gift is His love for us”.

It makes perfect sense that this need that we have can only be met by God’s love. It also became very clear to me that I struggle quite a bit in this area. God loves me and that is the only approval that I need. He approves, accepts, affirms, appreciates me! When man does not, God still does. When I don’t feel like I am loved, God still does. His greatest gift meets my greatest need. God spoke to me very clearly and I felt him say…I have called you and loved you, I have brought you to this place and will keep you. The other thing that Allen said that really stood out for me is this…If someone gave you a thousand dollars, what would be the greater gift? A thousand dollars or the fact that this person loved you enough to give you the thousand dollars? The truth is God loves us and that is the entire motivation for what He brings our way. So two things I need to learn to do…1. Walk knowing that God loves me. This makes me unshakeable by anything that man does.  2. Trust that everything I go through is working in God’s plan for my life and his love is working everything out.
Today and everyday…you are loved, accepted, affirmed, appreciated, approved by God!



Not Afraid

God commanded Joshua to be courageous during a time where he needed to step it up.  It was important for Joshua to realize that in order to reach the Promised Land and lead many to the same place, he needed to be strong and courageous.  God’s promise was simple: “I am with you always.”  Now I command you to be strong and courageous, don’t be afraid or discouraged.

Joshua probably asked himself a lot of the questions that we ask ourselves…am I good enough to do this?  What will they say about me?  What if I fail?  What if this is just me and not God?  What will tomorrow bring?  Why did God choose me?  What if I succeed – what next?


All of these questions are based on different fears we deal with.  Whether it was a person that told us these things or a belief system we created based on our personal failures, etc. The deep root is FEAR. The opposite of fear is COURAGE. God wants us to face the great challenges in this life with this confident statement:”I’m NOT AFRAID and I’m ready for what you have for me Lord.”

In that place is where we will find a courage that will change everything.  It’s already in us; it just needs to be awakened.



Have you ever asked yourself, “why am I still holding on to this and why haven’t I surrendered it to God?” Whether it is the weight of sin, unforgiveness, fear of the unknown, a deep hurt of the past, pride, shame, insecurity, etc., there are lots of things that we hold on to. These things take the joy out of our life and we end up living in mediocrity and not truly experiencing all the amazing things that God has for us.

So how can we truly surrender these things? I am learning that everyday. Here are a few things that I am learning about surrender.

First, I think we have to recognize that we don’t have the power to surrender on our own. It is God’s Spirit at work in us that gives us the power to surrender.
Recognizing this is the first step in surrendering. In our weakness, His strength is made perfect.

Second, we need a revelation of His love. So often times we try to surrender something out of fear and this only leads to still holding on to whatever we are trying to surrender. God loves us so much and when we truly understand His love for us, then we will want to live our lives surrendered to Him because of His goodness. Spending time with Him is key. If you want to get to know anyone, you spend time with them. Whenever my wife and I recognize we need to reconnect in our relationship…we plan a getaway and spend time together. This is the same with God. If you want to know who He is, you have to be intentional about spending time with Him. He wants to reveal His love to us everyday. Our team is doing a 30 day devotional called- “Will You Worship?” by Ray Jones. This book invites you to spend time with God and fresh way. I see God revealing His love to me in a great ways.

I invite you to take this journey with us, you can get the book at

Lastly, I think surrender is saying YES without knowing the outcome. We are so wired to give our yes only if we know the outcome. We play our “yes” safe. True surrender is understanding that God has a plan, it may not always be what we want but it will be the best for our lives. Saying yes to Him without knowing all the outcome is true surrender. If He gave His only son, what good thing would He withhold from us?

Today, you may be holding on to something that you know God is wanting you to surrender. Pray this prayer with me.

Father, help me surrender _____________. I don’t want to hold on to this anymore. I say yes to you and your plan for my life. Help me, by your spirit, to not hold on to it anymore. Give me a revelation of your love today. Help me to love you and know you the way that you want to be loved and known. Help me to live my life surrendered to you. In Jesus name I ask these things. Amen.


Jesus, be the Center of my life

Over the Christmas break, I had one of those days. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. The day started with great plans to put up our Christmas tree and begin all the great Christmas fun with my family. But then my little boys got strep throat and my wife began feeling under the weather as well. Next, I got some bad news from a family member and it just seemed like it was one thing after another. I got really frustrated and felt overwhelmed. Have you ever had one of those days?

I played this song called “Jesus be the Center.” It really put things in perspective. Even when things are chaotic, you can always find something to be grateful for and on this particular day, Jesus once again showed me that it is all about making Him the center in every situation. One of my favorite lyrics in the song is, “Jesus be the center of my life, from beginning to the end, it will always be, it’s always been You Jesus.” It is true – Jesus is always there, ready to be the center of our life when we let Him. So often, I feel I need to fix things or figure things out on my own. I am so glad that Jesus is always faithful to remind me that I can leave it in His hands and trust Him.

The truth is, when I am the center of my life, everything is out of balance. Nothing can satisfy my soul like truly living for Jesus, putting others first and making Jesus the center. When Jesus is the center of my life, I have indescribable joy and peace. He sustains me with His love even when I have trials and testing.

Christmas is such a wonderful time with family and friends. I love all the time with family, the Puerto Rican food (lol), the giving of gifts, and all of the great memories to be made. But at the end of the day and even beyond Christmas…it’s all about Jesus. He came down from Heaven to demonstrate His love for us so that we would love Him with all our heart, soul, and mind. Our life has purpose, peace, and joy when we put Him at the center and lead others to do the same.

Will you pray this prayer with me today?….”Jesus be the center of my life, help me love those that You have placed in my life and bring a smile to Your face in everything I do. Show me by Your grace, what it is to truly live with You at the center of everything I do and say”.


Hymns my Mother Taught Me

When I was 4 years old, my mother had my sister and I record a cassette tape for my grandmother where we sang more than twenty hymns. My mother gave us these recordings for the first time about a year ago. As soon as I heard the recording, I got really emotional. We had lots of laughs as well. I thought about how momma instilled these wonderful thoughts in us through hymns as children. Thoughts like…
“On Christ the solid Rock I stand; all other ground is sinking sand”
“So I’ll cherish the old rugged cross, till my trophies at last I lay down; I will cling to the old rugged cross, and exchange it some day for a crown”
“Because He lives, I can face tomorrow…my life is worth the living just because He lives”
And my mom’s favorite, a Spanish hymn she taught us called “Nadie pudo amarme como Cristo” (“No one ever cared for me like Jesus”).

Recently, I surprised my mom with a gift. I decided to record this hymn on our new Spanish language CD. We invited her over for dinner one night and she listened to it for the first time. As soon as the nylon guitar started she recognized the song and tears came streaming down. It was a beautiful moment. We reminisced and had such a great time talking about all the crazy things I did as a little kid.

Recently, I have been sitting at the piano and singing these hymns. It’s been a great time with God and I am constantly reminded of His faithfulness, grace, and love for us through the story penned in each hymn. Thanks for reading today’s blog and I hope to hear from you. If you are interested in the new Spanish language album by CBC go to


Discovering Diversity at CBC

One of my favorite verses in the Bible is Revelation 5:9 …it reads, “and they sang a new song with these words: ‘You are worthy to take the scroll and break its seals and open it. For You were slaughtered, and Your blood has ransomed people for God from every tribe and language and people and nation.'”


I love it that at CBC we get to see that every week when we look at the different nations, languages and generations that are represented in our worship services. It is glimpse of heaven. I think as worship leaders, one of the greatest things that we have to look forward to is discovering diversity within our congregation. Discovering diversity simply helps us reach more people and stay relevant just like Jesus did. Here are a few ways that we aim to help more people and discover diversity each week.
As worship leaders, most of our quality time with our congregation is not when we are on the stage, but takes place after the music ends and we are in the lobby getting to meet the beautiful people that we lead in worship. Nothing is more effective than hearing their stories. A worship leader should be the most approachable person – this helps us approach the Father together. Another way we discover diversity is by trying different styles of music. On a Sunday morning, you will walk into different rooms at CBC and hear Contemporary, Traditional, Latin, Rock, Children’s Music…the list goes on and on. Even though you get different styles, you will hear a resonating theme in all the music and that is…”I love and worship You, Jesus.” Music styles are like different vehicles taking off to the same location. The location we want to go to in worship is…the Fathers heart. I’ll share one more way that we are discovering diversity in our fellowship every week and that is a love for each generation and culture. God calls us to love people. That is the basics of worship and if we have everything else and don’t have that…we are just making noise. I feel so blessed to be a part of a community that loves and respects each generation and culture. I remember the first time Ray Jones, our worship pastor, asked me to do a Salsa song and sing a Spanish verse and chorus. It was such a great feeling to know that I could express worship in a style of music that I had a great love for. I still have conversations with people today that sang Spanish for the first time. Some made new words…lol.
Since we are on the subject, let me take this opportunity to go to commercial break…
We are currently finishing up a Spanish record where you will hear songs from John David Martinez, Lisa Lopez and many other friends. I am really excited about this new Spanish language album. It will also feature songs from our latest projects in Spanish like “God, you are God,” “Loved,” “Great,” etc. …okay we are back…
Just want to leave you with one more thing and that is God created all of us so unique and each one of us brings something so valuable when it comes to discovering diversity and reaching more people for Christ. I would encourage you to use that gift. Thanks for reading todays blog and I’d love to hear from you.



For all who are led by the Spirit of God are children of God. For you did not receive a spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you have received a spirit of adoption. When we cry, ‘Abba! Father!’ it is that very Spirit bearing witness with our spirit that we are children of God, and if children, then heirs, heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ—if, in fact, we suffer with him so that we may also be glorified with him. (Romans 8:14-17)

For those of you that have ever experienced rejection, defeat, words of discouragement, verbal or physical abuse, depression, fear…today’s blog is for you. I have experienced all of these at different times in my life. What I learned about love from my earthly father distorted my view of a father’s love for years. I spent years trying to prove to those around me that I was good enough, but no matter how hard I tried, I always came to the conclusion that I wasn’t good enough. Sound familiar? This root of rejection went so deep.

When I gave my life to Christ in 1996, it was the beginning of me realizing that God, my Heavenly Father, had adopted me and paid a great price for me. My worth was enough that He gave His son to die for me. I was created in Christ Jesus to do great works, I was fearfully and wonderfully made, and the biggest realization was…I was LOVED no matter what I did. I could not do anything to change the love God had for me. This love that never changed was now changing me. As I look at my relationships now, I am reminded everyday that I don’t have to prove my self worth, I don’t have to be afraid of rejection because I have been accepted, I can love without fear because I am LOVED fearlessly.

You are LOVED and there is nothing you can ever do to change How much God loves you.

Here is a free download and video “LOVED”

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