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Our Greatest Need and God’s Greatest Gift

John 3:16

Recently, I had the honor of leading worship at a church in California. The guest speaker was Allen Randolph. He spoke about John 3:16. He made the statement that we are all too familiar with this passage of scripture and sometimes we can overlook all that God is telling us in this simple verse that we’ve all memorized. He summarized his message with this powerful statement…

“Our greatest need is the desire to be loved unconditionally…God’s greatest gift is His love for us”.

It makes perfect sense that this need that we have can only be met by God’s love. It also became very clear to me that I struggle quite a bit in this area. God loves me and that is the only approval that I need. He approves, accepts, affirms, appreciates me! When man does not, God still does. When I don’t feel like I am loved, God still does. His greatest gift meets my greatest need. God spoke to me very clearly and I felt him say…I have called you and loved you, I have brought you to this place and will keep you. The other thing that Allen said that really stood out for me is this…If someone gave you a thousand dollars, what would be the greater gift? A thousand dollars or the fact that this person loved you enough to give you the thousand dollars? The truth is God loves us and that is the entire motivation for what He brings our way. So two things I need to learn to do…1. Walk knowing that God loves me. This makes me unshakeable by anything that man does.  2. Trust that everything I go through is working in God’s plan for my life and his love is working everything out.
Today and everyday…you are loved, accepted, affirmed, appreciated, approved by God!


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