it’s my most wonderful time of the year: summer

I know I promised part 3 of “training up the next generation,” but since it’s summer camp season, I thought I might interject some timely thoughts. Don’t worry, I will pick up with part 3 soon.

I am right in the middle of my busiest season – prepping to lead worship for summer camps and Vacation Bible School, all of which happen within 2 months. It is the most rewarding yet grueling time of year – so many logistics, so many cogs in the machine. Paperwork, endless set lists, entering lyrics for media folks, figuring out transportation, charts, rehearsals, making sure you have gear lined up and players ready to go, reminding your boys to pack deodorant, and troubleshooting all kinds of things. The funny thing is, once I actually get to camp, or start VBS, that’s the easy part. It’s the getting there that is so taxing. I’m in the window right now where you kind of work odd hours all day and night until things are as close to done as possible.

Whether it’s camp or any other huge event you are prepping to lead worship for, remember 3 things:
1) Don’t get surprised every year when the enemy attacks
2) Keep your eyes on Jesus, stay in worship, and the enemy will flee
3) Remember your team is watching you and following your lead

I am sure the first 2 are familiar to you and need no explanation, but let me share what I’m convicted about concerning the 3rd point.

Several years ago I was having a rough night on stage during sound check, and at the end of the night one of our sound guys said “wow, you looked like you were really ticked at us!” I didn’t even have any idea I had let it show that much. No wonder they were tense – I was leading, and they were following!

My band members and even our tech crews and media teams will always pick up on the vibe I am giving and follow my lead. If I appear panicked, stressed, rattled – especially on stage – it is infectious. So when our truck breaks down on the road, or we bust through a kick drum head, or our kazoo player misses rehearsal at camp because he slept in – no matter what, big or small, all eyes are on me. I am going to be leading them no matter what. If I can stay in an attitude of worship when things get a little tough, I am actually modeling and leading what a life of worship looks like. That doesn’t mean I never get frustrated, but I have to strive for a “spiritual override” that rises above it all.

…..Even when your truck breaks down on the way to camp, and then you get the new truck and have to move all of the gear over which takes 2 hours, and then THAT new truck breaks down….and then the guy driving the new truck that finally gets you there accidentally runs into a really huge tree as you are trying to load-in in the middle of the night, and it falls over and takes out half of the parking lot… and then the truck you rent for the drive home at the end of the week breaks down too. True story. And I hope right now you are recalling some of your own stories and laughing a little as well.

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