Broken at the Feet of Jesus

Most of us have read the story in Luke 7 about a woman who comes to Jesus to wash His feet with her tears, dry them with her hair and anoint them with precious perfume from an alabaster box. I think that this woman teaches us much about worship and what it means to be truly broken at the feet of Jesus.
First, this woman does what she needs to do to get to Jesus. We don’t know if she already knew Him, had met or seen Him some other time, or if she had merely heard about Him from others. Regardless of the depth of her relationship with Him, she knew she had to get to Him. She entered a room filled with religious men, where not only was she uninvited, she was also unwelcome. We are told in Luke 7:37 that she was an “immoral woman” and in verse 39 “a sinner.” She defied social and religious customs steeped with heavy consequences and did what she needed to do to get to the feet of Jesus. We too are sinners, unclean, and in need of a Savior. Whether we have been walking with Him for most of our lives or are just coming to know Him, we need to be at His feet. And we cannot allow religion, social standing, or any barrier of man to keep us from getting there.
The second remarkable attribute of this woman is her humility. She washed Jesus’ feet with her tears, dried them with her hair, kissed and anointed them with perfume. She provided an act of service (that His hosts failed to provide-read verses 44-46) with the best and all that she had, offering her very self, to give Jesus the honor that He was due. Broken and weeping at His feet, she worshiped Him with gratitude and humility. We need to strive to give Him everything we have in all that we do. That is true worship. He is more than worthy of the honor. When we humble ourselves we allow Him to be lifted up and not vice versa.
In verse 47, Jesus tells those in the room that He is dining with, “She has shown me much love.” The last attribute that we can take from this woman is to show and profess our love for God. Psalm 146 says “Let all that I am praise the Lord. I will praise the Lord as long as I live. I will sing praises to my God with my dying breath.” How amazing would it be to stand before Jesus in heaven and have it be said of each of us “He/she has shown me much love?” We know that God loves us, but how wonderful would it be for Him to know that we love Him back? I can think of no higher calling than to glorify my God and King and to let Him know how amazing, wonderful, and special He is to me. The idea of being able to bless Him with my praise and adoration for all He is and has done for me makes me want to praise Him all the more.
Let us be challenged and encouraged to rush to the feet of our Savior to love and serve Him with all that we have. Let us “boast in our weakness” since that is where His power is perfected and made strong. Make it your utmost priority to show and bless God with all that you have and all that you are.

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